Maternity Photographer in Lake County, IL | Ben, Beth + Norah

BenBethNorah Maternity 30BenBethNorah Maternity 19BenBethNorah Maternity 20BenBethNorah Maternity 21BenBethNorah Maternity 22BenBethNorah Maternity 18BenBethNorah Maternity 16BenBethNorah Maternity 7BenBethNorah Maternity 5BenBethNorah Maternity 3BenBethNorah Maternity 2BenBethNorah Maternity 12BenBethNorah Maternity 11BenBethNorah Maternity 13

I have secretly been waiting to do some snowy-wintery-woodsy portraits and I am so glad it was warm enough and snowy enough to create this lovely session with some dear friends.  I cannot wait to meet their newest little one!





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