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So, hey…we’re expecting! We are a little over half way to meeting our new one. Whoa. Beyond. Exciting. Hasn’t. Sunk. In.

In this winter lull (have I mentioned that I sort of miss having a studio?!), I thought I’d share some photos from our DIY maternity/ gender reveal session. Yes, we went outside.  Yes, it was worth it even though I would definitely caution any client that cold really is…cold! :) We love making memories with our little one. So, a huge “thank you” goes to my husband, Tyler, for most of these pictures. I can see his love for his girls (and his talent!) in each one…

FYI, this blog is probably going to stay fairly quiet here for bit this year. In terms of the future…even though a part of me wishes that I could “do it all” (especially because I do not like that I have already had to turn down sessions), I also have zero qualms about prioritizing. And, after all, photography is a pretty physical activity and I want to be able to do my best for all clients at every session! So, I will take session up until May this year. I will not have a specific date for you on taking sessions again until I see how I feel and settle into my new life. But, I certainly hope to be available for fall sessions and if I have limited availability before then, I will give priority to returning clients. Thanks!




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